Cannot guarantee delivery to these countries.
Persons residing there are ordering at their own risk.

That means, if it is not delivered there is no refund or second attempt.

Additionally, shipments to these countries seem to take a very long time, probably due to customs in those countries.

Afghanistan Albania Angola Bahrain Bolivia
Herzegovina Cambodia Cape Verde Cayman Islands Chile
Colombia Congo Costa Rica Dubai Dominica
Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Guatemala Haiti Honduras Ivory Coast Indonesia
Italy Jamaica Jordan Kiribati Laos
Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Maldives Mexico
Mozambique Nepal Panama Paraguay Peru
Pitcairn Island Philippines Rwanda Saudi Arabia Seychelles
Sierra Leone South Africa Solomon Islands Syria Tristan da Cunha
Turks & Caicos Islands U.A.E. Uganda
Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Yemen
Some countries, such as Brazil, have very high customs taxes. Must put accurate data on customs forms.
Delivery to the UAE can have customs delays and require paperwork. Don't know how to supply.
Deliveries to Italy have proven slower and more unreliable than most European countries

In addition cannot ship to the following countries.

Ethiopia Iran Iraq Nigeria Korea (North)
Libya Vietnam Sudan   Cuba